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CareerProfessor Magazine CoverEmployability seems to be receiving increasing attention lately in the world of Higher Education. And for a good reason! Students call for it, employers look for it and Higher Education Institutions are expected to provide it. But the quest for employability can become tricky when a clear definition is missing and expectations seem to vary.

This first edition of CP Magazine focuses on exploring the concept of employability within Higher Education in order to identify potential ‘hitches’ and solutions and open the way for a common approach to employability.

Through the following pages, we will find out more about (mis)match in expectations when it comes to employability, insightful research results, and resources and last but not least, the concept of employability through the lens of gamification.

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News Board was featured in the ICEF Podcast ”The growing importance of career opportunities for international students’‘. In this podcast, there was a discussion on how a greater emphasis on career planning is influencing student decision making this year. Want to know more? Have a listen here. was mentioned in the ”Reflections on Employability” blog of i-graduate. Research shows that there is a substantial gap between education and the global world of work which higher insitutions have to close. And one of the solutions to closing this gap is in the digital career app, created by

For the EAIE conference this year our poster was themed: “How to make bold changes to boost employability”. Nannette Ripmeester discussed the changes that have arisen in supporting student’s employability amidst the pandemic and focused on how to digitally train employability skills with the necessary tools and also showed how institutions can use tech to help students unpack what they have to offer to employers. Click here to view the full version of the poster.

EAIE CareerProfessor Poster

For this year’s NAFSA conference the central focus of our poster highlighted “The End of Internationalization?”and how to prepare students for the global world of work.To view the full version of the poster presentation click here.

NAFSA The End of Internationalization? Poster Presentation

On June 3rd during the annual NAFSA conference, CareerProfessor founder, Nannette Ripmeester, will be discussing digital solutions regarding internalization and the actions taken by higher education institutions across Europe and North America to support their student’s employability amidst the pandemic. NAFSA: Association of International Educators is the world’s largest association dedicated to international education and exchange.

CareerProfessor at NAFSA: Association of International Educators

  Kellie McMullin from NSCC spoke at the CiCan Conference about how they’ve used CareerProfessor and its gamification model to encourage students to look at the employability benefits of their study abroad experience, allowing mobile student to see the benefits of both virtual and in-person study abroad experiences and providing them the ability to articulate their learning to future employers.

NSCC (Novo Scotia Community College) experience with CareerProfessor App

  For the Erasmus Skills Project, two videos were recorded, which discuss unpacking your exchange experience. In the first video,  CareerProfessor is mentioned as a useful tool for students to get more insight into the changing global labour market, fueled by automation, diversity and the changing world of work. Employability skills such as adaptability, pro-active thinking, problem-solving skills are highlighted in the video and correlated to the development of these skills via the CareerProfessor platform.

In the second video, the importance of cultural differences is stressed. Employers nowadays are more intrigued by the experiences of their job applicants and how they believe they can use these in the world of work than ‘just’ a list with skills. The CareerProfessor app does exactly that:  helping students develop a strategic toolkit for finding jobs on the global labour market by enhancing their employability skills.

CareerProfessor - Erasmus Skills Project

CareerProfessor has revised the country profiles to shine some light on the changing global job landscapes during these challenging times. The latest update to the CareerProfessor country pages allows students to grasp the consequences of the pandemic on the labour markets. All 40 countries have a “corona update” section specifically focusing on each country’s economic situation.

CareerProfessor App Corona Update for country profiles

With the CareerProfessor app you provide your students with a digital employability coach during COVID-19, with global questions on social interaction, doing business and job hunting. Have a look at our offer.

CareerProfessor - Supporting employability during COVID-19 ( Corona ) times

The power of an elevator pitch! How do you get a person’s attention when you only have 30 seconds? Read the latest article written by Nannette Ripmeester and Sevi Christoforou on the XPat Journal magazine.
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Magazine on Employability

The brand new magazine of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore zooms in on employability helping us to understand how we can support students with skills for the #global world of work. Proud to have our app CareerProfessor works being mentioned! Have a look at the article here.
CareerProfessor is featuring in the Actors & Institutions section of the Higher Education Worldwide newsletter. Don’t forget to also have a look at the article about the skill sets graduates need in the future workplace by Nannette Ripmeester, which can be found in the new issue of Internationalisation of Higher Education.