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cp-magazine-a4-coverEmployability seems to be receiving increasing attention lately in the world of Higher Education. And for a good reason! Students call for it, employers look for it and Higher Education Institutions are expected to provide it. But the quest for employability can become tricky when a clear definition is missing and expectations seem to vary.

This first edition of CP Magazine focuses on exploring the concept of employability within Higher Education in order to identify potential ‘hitches’ and solutions and open the way for a common approach to employability.

Through the following pages, we will find out more about (mis)match in expectations when it comes to employability, insightful research results, and resources and last but not least, the concept of employability through the lens of gamification.

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The power of an elevator pitch! How do you get a person’s attention when you only have 30 seconds? Read the latest article written by Nannette Ripmeester and Sevi Christoforou on the XPat Journal magazine.

The brand new magazine of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore zooms in on employability helping us to understand how we can support students with skills for the #global world of work. Proud to have our app CareerProfessor works being mentioned! Have a look at the article here. is an employability app & platform designed for students, recent graduates and alumni, customized to each university. It improves employability trains intercultural skills and enhances the connection between University and graduates.But don’t just take our word for it, have a look inside each CareerProfessor module and choose what suits the needs of your institution best!
On October 4th, CareerProfessor hosted the webinar ‘Linking Career Advisors to International Offices‘, to discuss the current needs and challenges in HigherEd career services related to employability and soft skills training and how university career-services professionals can stay relevant and have an impact on a broader scale within their institution. This webinar brought together global voices discussing employability-connected thinking from Europe, Canada and the USA.
CareerProfessor is featuring in the Actors & Institutions section of the Higher Education Worldwide newsletter. Don’t forget to also have a look at the article about the skill sets graduates need in the future workplace by Nannette Ripmeester, which can be found in the new issue of Internationalisation of Higher Education.
Exploring the alignment between career needs, employability expectations, and related motivations. An article in The Xpat Journal about CareerChats unveils the most important questions: What is it that employers look for in a candidate? What do students expect from their university? And so much more.
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